Hello! I’m Jean-Pierre

I guide you to a better personal and/or professional communication to achieve better relationships.

What does that really mean? As  your Guide I can share my knowledge of how men and women  mis-communicate and empower you to change this dynamic.  Through my connection with Spirit, I can also gently guide you to look within yourself to uncover the answers you had all  along so that you attract the love you deserve and desire.

  • It means creating healthy boundaries to create healthy and vibrant relationships, first and foremost with yourself and then with others.
  • It means getting clear – once and for all – about what you desire. And then going after it.
  • It means choosing, very carefully, who is allowed into your life. Sometimes, that also means closing, very gently, the door to some who are already in your life.
  • It means realizing that your most important task is to love who you are…now, not the person you want to be.
  • It means realizing that you have control over your emotions and that nothing is more important than the way you feel.

Sound amazing? You can make it a reality if you so choose!

To be clear, I can’t “fix” your life or your problems, perceived or real. I can only guide you to greater clarity and knowledge. The work remains yours to be done

I can help you gain more clarity, more understanding, and form a plan of action. And because no one should dream small dreams, I’ll help you think big – then break your dreams down into doable steps. As a guide, I believe that the longest trip must begin with preparation and then the first step.

Why? Because you were born to love and be loved, to be joyous and thrilled that you are alive, regardless of your circumstances. We all do. If you are a soul, child of God (however, you want to define or name Him/Her/It), etc., that is one who is a part of the greater whole, then how can it be otherwise? You are loved because you are! AND because you can be in control of your emotions regardless of your circumstances, you can be happy anytime you so choose.

Happiness is not reserved for special or lucky people. Most of us experience feelings of loneliness and regret; wished from some things to be different in our life; wondered about the “what ifs”; and questioned our purpose in life. Yet, you have the power to change these feelings and, by doing so change your life.

Ultimately, I am most interested in how we remember that we are here to love and be loved and create lives that we love living.

  • I’m for unlimited joy and believe delayed joy is needless. I believe we all have a deep desire to be recognized, seen, and heard. So take a long look in the mirror and see the real you; let go of the false image you so often see; show the world who you really are and what you really want. It is time to embrace your life.
  • I will not let you lie to me, yourself, or the world about who you are and what you want. Let me guide you to your inner self and awaken your intuition. Let me light the way to harness the power of intention and release toxic behaviors. Together we can map out the path to the changes you’re seeking.
  • I’m a writer. I write here, for you, to inspire you, to make you think, wonder and ask “why not?”
  • When I’m not guiding someone or clicking away on my keyboard you can find me: walking my dog on the beach; biking along Pacific Coast Highway; hanging out with friends; reading;  or stretching my way through yoga. Living in Southern California is a blessing in many ways for those of us who love the ocean, the palm trees and the warm sun.

So here I am today, offering myself as a guide to you. Science-based evidence shows  that men and women are programmed to communicate very differently. Yet, spiritually, we are all connected and we are born and seek to love and be loved. We all seek relationships because that is how we define ourselves. We all seek to be ourselves with our partners, to feel  appreciated, respected and heard! Yet, this constant mis-communication creates stress and pain in relationships equivalent to throwing a boulder into a pond and creating large ripples (waves) and massive chaos. By understanding how we each communicate and by hearing the message from Spirit, I can guide you to create vibrant, loving and  healthy relationships. I can help you understand how and what a man thinks and communicates. I can guide you to the love you deserve but have denied yourself for so long. I can guide you to smooth the troubled waters of your relationship, if that is truly what you desire. I can show you how to be yourself so you can attract the partner that you deserve and desire.

Are you ready to start changing your relationship with yourself and your love life, and I mean TRULY READY? Are you ready to stop doing what  hasn’t worked? Ready to stop wasting your time and emotions? Ready to accept the fact that “trying  harder” is not the path to true love? Ready for loving, vibrant and healthy relationships? Then, let me be your Guide. Let me guide you to the “man’s perspective” and show you how the male mind works; why he tends to withdraw as you get closer; why he remains silent a lot of the time; why he has difficulty expressing his emotions, other than anger; how his DNA, parents, teachers and society in general dictate subconsciously his conduct.

Let me guide you to the love you deserve.

Let’s put on our hiking socks and boots.
Grab our water canteens and walking sticks.

Take the first step to love… Today! Now!